Air Concepts

Air-Concepts is specialized in airflow measurement and control products. We profide different type of buildigs with our airflow products, like; schools, fabrics and airports, wich have each there specific needs in heating, cooling and ventilation. Air-Concepts has a lot of experience, wich results in an out-of-the-box mentalition to get every hard project done. Air-Concepts provides VAV units and airventilatino roosters, with there own specific regulation. Besides, we got also our own production, so we can make, what youre company needs. Our VAV units with FloXact technology, regulates the perfect tempature and/or the right CO2 presure.

We advise, design and deliver the products and we also make analyses when you are having touble by getting the right climate, or when you are struggling with your current climate installation. With our experience we are the ideal partner to upgrade, reset or renovate your current VAV installation.